Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Great new resource now available

Want to learn more about nonprofit leadership, management and fundraising?

Involvement with nonprofits, either as a volunteer, professional or donor, can be a very gratifying and life enriching experience. In organizations that are not well run, those experiences can be negative and stressful. Nonprofits are a special type of corporation. While they do not make money for stockholders or owners, they have to be run effectively and efficiently if they want to accomplish their mission, provide a community benefit, expand and retain staff and volunteers. Yes, while they are unique, they ARE businesses that require proper leadership, governance, operations and support.

If you are involved in nonprofits, or want to get involved…..either as a volunteer, leader or professional….a new book is now available that is just for you! “You and Your Nonprofit”, published by CharityChannel Press is a collection of short articles with practical advice from people who have been in the trenches. It is more than a “how to” book. Each article has been written with the goal of providing tools that can be easily adapted for use in your nonprofit. Over 50 contributing authors from the U.S., Canada, England and Australia have participated in this publication. All are seasoned professionals and nonprofit leaders who have learned their craft over many years “in the trenches” as well as from participation in professional educational programs. A unique aspect of the book is the ability to connect with each of the authors and establish a dialogue with them directly. Each article has a special email address through which authors can be contacted by readers.

The goal of the book is to focus on readers who are relatively new to the nonprofit sector. The editors asked authors to write for readers (professionals, leaders and volunteers) who have been in the field for less than ten years. They wanted readers to find the articles not only informative and interesting, but also practical examples of best practices. They wanted readers to be able to take ideas and suggestions from the articles and be able to implement them within their own organizations.

The editors wanted to create a book that would be more than just an anthology of essays, but, rather, a series of articles written by professionals who have real life experience and have been in the trenches of nonprofit work. They did not expect the book to be an all-inclusive book on nonprofit leadership, management and fundraising, However, they believe that the business of nonprofit management, leadership and fundraising is constantly improving because people like the authors (and hopefully the readers) are willing to challenge conventional wisdom and think outside of the box. They have succeeded.

Robert Carter, CFRE, Board Chair Elect of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Board Member with the Center for Philanthropy at Indiana University and Principal with Of Counsel Philanthropy made the following comments as part of his foreword to the book:

“I have just read the book I needed when I made the decision to try the business of fundraising decades ago. This book is loaded with excellent advice and counsel as to “why & why not” and “what” and “how to.” Fundraisers, volunteers, CEOs, and all who care about this sector’s capacity to meet the needs and seize opportunities to benefit our communities, nation and world should have this collection on their desks for handy reference and guidance. This is surely the book I wish I had decades ago.”

Readers will learn about planning issues in articles about governance, fundraising, administration and marketing. They will learn about leadership and other topics in many of the articles. The authors want readers to enjoy learning about nonprofit management, leadership and fundraising and in the process learn ways to add value to their own work as people who are, or will be, engaged in the nonprofit sector.

“You and Your Nonpofit”, has been nominated for the 21st Annual Terry McAdam Book Award of the Alliance for Nonprofit Mangagement and has been recommended by Charity Navigator and the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

“You and Your Nonprofit” can be purchased at or at your favorite bookstore.

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